8" Height Stainless Cove Base Outside Corner w Toe 18 ga. T304 #4 Finish

8" Height Stainless Cove Base Outside Corner w Toe 18 ga. T304 #4 Finish

Code: 304-SSTL-FIN4-OCBT8
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Our cove base outside corner for the wall base corner sections is 18 gauge Type 304 Stainless Steel  and this corner section is:

8" inches tall with 2-9/16" width Legs and is polished horizontal with the length to a #4 brushed finish, which matches our 96 inch long straingt piece and inside corner.

Stainless Wall Base protects against heavy foot traffic and bridges the transition from floor to wall so you can easily and completely clean your floors. Our stainless steel product easily holds up to mechanical mops and carts, making cleaning easy. The #4 brushed finish of our stainless wall base beautifully protects against kick, scuff and impact blows, providing unique and attractive wall base solution.

This is Mill procured Premium stainless steel, processed, manufactured and polished in the USA to a #4 Brushed Stainless finish which provides excellent protection and easy maintenance.

All Stainless Base will arrive to you wrapped in fully protective custom packaging, preventing damage during shipping, and a vinyl protective film on the finished side which is removed after installation.

Product Variations:

  • Cove Wall Base with Toe 
  • Cove Corner with Toe Inside or outside walls
  • Flat Wall Base
  • Flat Wall Base Corner Inside or outside walls

Our Product Advantages:

1) Our Type 304 Stainless Steel Material is the highest quality metalugically and mechanically with the finest light sprectre polished #4 finish, and because it is 18 ga. it is easy to cut correctly in field for accuracy

2) We are the Manufactuerer located in Florida, in the United States of America

3) Your Order Ships Same Day

4) We ship to customer with reliable Shipping UPS Ground, Overnight and TForce Freight for Larger Orders

5) Accurate Estimates are provided by us for Purchasing requests

6) Customer Service Department Support on every order and Inquiry to answer phone calls, emails and live chats 9AM-5PM Eastern Standard Time 239-244-2365 sales@stainlessbase.com

7) Warranty provided fully backed immediately by us on any manufacturing defects

Stainless Steel Wall Base Specifications Section 09 62 63 16


  • 1.01 SUMMARY
    A. Wall Base system for floor to wall protection:
    A. Stainless Steel Cove Base
  • B. Stainless Steel Flat Base
    C. Stainless Steel Inside Corner Base
    D. Stainless Steel Outside Corner Base
    A. Product data for each type of Wall Base specified.
    B. 3 each full size profiles, samples of each type Wall Base and Corner indicated.
    C. Cleaning and maintenance instructions.
    A. Deliver materials in unopened factory packaging to the jobsite and store in original packaging in a climate controlled location away from direct sunlight.
    A. Products must be installed in an interior climate controlled environment.
  • 1.06 WARRANTY
    A. Standard Western Fabricating LLC Limited Lifetime Warranty against material and manufacturing defects.


    A. Acceptable Manufacturer:
    Western Fabricating, LLC, 17061 Alico Commerce Court #104, Fort Myers, FL. 33967 USA;
    Telephone: 239-244-2365, email: sales@stainlessbase.com
    Internet address: www.stainlessbase.com
    B. Substitutions: Not permitted
    C. Provide all Wall Base from a single source.
  • 2.02 MATERIALS
    A. Stainless Steel: Wall Base shall be manufactured from Type 304, 18 gauge Stainless Steel.
    A. Attachment options;
    1. Field applied heavy duty construction adhesive.
    A. Type 304 Stainless Steel Wall Base:
    1. Field applied heavy duty construction adhesive.
    A. All Stainless steel wall base and corners shall be factory formed with a directional polish grain parallel and running with the length of the wall base.
    1. Edges to be deburred and no sharp edges.
    2. Standard Length is 96"
    3. Standard Heights are: 2", 4", 4-3/4", 6" and 8".
    1. Adhesive: Manufacturer recommended adhesive supplied in 10.5 oz. or 29 oz. tubes. Adhesive: Loctite PL Max PL Premium Adhesive
    2. Inside and Outside corners are made exactly to fit a 90 degree wall, unless otherwise a degree other indicated on Drawings or bent at degree to fit wall. Fabricate preformed corners with minimum 2-9/16" width legs.
    3. Inside and Outside corners will have one monolithic corner transition
  • 2.07 FINISHES
    A. Stainless steel: No. 4 brushed horizontal finish per ASTM A480.


    A. Examine areas and conditions in which the corner guard systems will be installed.
    1. Complete all finishing operations, including painting, before beginning installation of wall base. Caulk and refinih after install.
    B. Wall surface shall be dry and free from dirt, grease and loose paint.
    A. General: Prior to installation, clean substrate to remove dust, debris and loose particles.
    A. General: Locate the Wall Based as indicated on the approved detail drawing for the appropriate substrate and Install wall base level and plumb at the height indicated on the drawings.
  • B. Installation of Stainless Steel Wall Base:
    1. Surface must be dry, clean and properly sealed.
    2. Cement on: Apply a bead of Premium Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive in a zigzag pattern over the back of each piece of the wall base, roller adhesive evenly. Position wall based on the wall and apply pressure until a tight fit is achieved.
    3. Remove the protective poly film covering from the stainless of the exposed surface of the wall base once proper cure time of adhesive has been met.
  • 3.04 CLEANING
    A. At completion of the installation, clean surfaces with a neutral based, non-abrasive cleaner. Ammonia and alcohol based cleaners may be used.

Product Name:

Stainless Steel Wall Base


Western FabricatingⓇ LLC 
17061 Alico Commerce Court #105 
Fort Myers, Florida 33967 
phone: 239-244-2365
email: sales@stainlessbase.com
web: www.stainlessbase.com

Product Description:

Our product is #4 brushed finish, Type 304 alloy 18ga. Architectural Grade Stainless Steel.

Wall Base Stock Lengths are 96" and Stock Heights are 2", 4", 4-3/4", 6" and 8"

Corners Sections measure in height 2", 4", 4-3/4", 6" and 8" x 2-9/16" legs and are available in stock at 90° and 135° angles. Outside Corners have horizontal #4 Finish on Outside, and the #4 Finish shows on the inside of our Inside Corners.

wall base profile options


Our Wall Bases are T304 SSTL #4 brushed Finish and are available in the following profiles:

  • Cove Base
  • Cove Corners
  • Flat Base
  • Flat Base Corners

Features and Benefits:

Product is T304 SSTL which is highly corrosion resistant and if maintained properly our wall bases will last for years.

Our Stainless Wall Base protects against Heavy Foot Traffic and bridges the transition from floor to wall so you can easily and completely clean your floors. Our product easily holds up to Mechanical Mop Equipment and Carts. Cleaning the stainless wall base finish is easy.

The #4 Brushed finish of our stainless steel wall base is simply beautiful and protects against kick, scuff and impact blows and provides tough and unique, new and attractive wall protection.